Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dynamo cab part 2 - Bondo

I spent some more time on my Dynamo HS5 cabinet recently. After protecting the newly laminated back with some masking tape and craft paper, I glued and screwed it into place:

I counter-sunk the wood screws, but one of the nice things about Formica (especially the thicker "grade 10" version) is that it hides everything. I don't think I'll be using Gorilla Glue anymore, though. It oozes and foams out all over the place. 

The front of the cab had a chunk out of it, so I had to use Bondo to fill it. I've used it on my house before (to replace some rotten wood), and it works great. The trick is to build it up, for deeper holes. I built a dam, with Saran Wrap to minimize sticking:

After sanding, I've got a nice 90 degree edge. It's a bit rough, but only about 1/2" will be showing. The rest will be covered by the front panel and T-molding.

I routed out the groove for the T-molding with my dremel, using a cutoff disc: 

Although I wore a dust mask for most of the work, I didn't when I used the Dremel. I inhaled some of the dust from the air, and immediately regretted it. I think I'm still feeling it in my lungs now, 2 weeks later.

Anyway, the repair came out well. I still need to paint the interior, but here's a picture after a quick coat of spray paint:

I'm pretty happy with how everything is looking. I just need to glue/screw the front panel in place and Formica the 2 sides, and then I'll be done with the woodworking.

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