Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Multi-Williams Control Panel (part 1)

 Rustoleum Metal Primer

 Rustoleum Flat Black enamel

Cleaned with 70% iso alcohol

 Tip from fellow KLOV'er: position the top using a few buttons. 
This worked great! 

 Bottom is finished

 Time to remove the backing and do the top

 Overlay installation is done!

 I painted the hinge and bolts flat black. 
Some of these go to another game.

 The catches needed to be moved forward 3/4", to compensate for the reduced thickness of the control panel. 

 Hinge is installed. The square part of the carriage bolts didn't fit through the holes in the CP, so the bolts stick out a tiny bit.

Removing staples from the gasket that goes between the metal and the glass bezel. I used double-sided tape to attach the gasket to the control panel, worked fine. I need to buy some thin weatherseal to attach to the other side.

Installed. The reason that the right joystick isn't installed is that its top leaf switch butts up against the bezel holder. I'll need to cut out a notch in the bezel holder.

Close-up of the plastic gasket (reused from the old CP).

That's it for now. In part 2, I'll install the rest of the hardware and connect the JAMMA harness.

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