Saturday, December 4, 2010


I've started converting my Joust to a Multi-Williams. I've got my JROK board wired up, and my new control panel with a Phoenix Arcade overlay came in the mail today:

I have a spare set, so PM me on KLOV (jschlarb) if you need them.

Wiring the cabinet would have been much simpler if I had not ordered the cheapest possible JAMMA harness. The first thing I did was replace the crappy monitor connector:

Original connector (which didn't even fit)
Replaced with Trifurcon-pinned connector

The JAMMA harness wasn't keyed at all, which is dangerous. If you plug the board in backwards, you risk frying it. I labeled the connector and added a key:

The JROK board is really amazing. I have a spare one, but I'm saving it in case my Defender boards crap out. you can select a single game on the JROK, so it's a perfect after-market replacement for these games.

I like to keep games as original as possible, so I'm keeping the original Joust boards. In fact I realized that I could just tap the voltages for the JROK from the original PSB. I made a special connector for this:   

This wasn't easy; I had to whittle down the insulation to get it to fit in the second crimp of the trifurcon connector pins. I'll replace the large capacitor on the PSB. By the way, only +5V and ground are needed for the JROK board.

HUGE thanks to Darin Jacobs, JimFly, RikiTiki and JROK for making this project possible.

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