Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monitor Cleaning / Rejuvenation

I found some time to use my new B&K 467 CRT Restorer/Analyzer today. In fact, I did 5 monitors. The steps for setting it up and using it were really straightforward, and it was even easier for me because every monitor used the same CR23 adapter, and a 6.3V heater setting. I started with this tube:
This is from a monitor that stopped working after I did a cap kit on the chassis. The plastic insulator was burned and brittle, and literally fell apart when I pulled the neckboard off  to cap the chassis. When I initially hooked up the BK467, all three guns were in the red. This was one of two tubes that required the draconian REJUVENATE function. After rejuvenating all three guns,  readings were all midway into the green, and colors were tracking well! I was happy about this because the screen has almost no burn. It will make a nice monitor for someone.

Here's what the BK467 looks like when it's set up:

I think this is the best $90 I've spent on anything related to the hobby. It's already paid for itself with the one tube it brought back from the dead. 

  1. Rejuvenation does reduce the life span of the CRT! So unless emission readings are in the red, use the CLEAN/BALANCE setting instead. 
  2. Rejuvenation can create a short! I experienced this with my Defender monitor. Fortunately the "REMOVE SHORTS" function fixed it (after about 4 presses). This was a little nerve-racking, but it all came out OK in the end.
  3. There's nothing wrong with a tracking error, if the gun that's low is still in the yellow! This can be fixed by adjusting the OFFSET/DRIVE settings for that color on the neckboard.
In summary: "Better" is the enemy of "Good". The CLEAN/BALANCE function is as safe as vitamin C, but think twice before using REJUVENATE. 

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